• Bioassay platform
  • The bioassay platform of the State Key Laboratory of Natural and Biomimetic Drugs has been put into operation officially. At the present, the bioassay platform has 14 pieces of biological analysis and test equipment, including automated drug screening robotic workstation, KineticScan high content screening system, QPatch-16 automated patch clamp system , Q-Sense E4 quartz crystal microbalance, BIACORE 3000 surface plasmon resonance spectrometer, Periment PIM3 laser Doppler perfusion imaging system, Stratagene MX3005P fluorescence real-time PCR machine, FlexStation 3 full-length multimode microplate reader, Zeiss upright fluorescence microscope, Olympus inverted fluorescence microscope, EVOS xl digital inverted microscope, ChemiDoc XRs high-sensitivity chemiluminescence imaging system, Guava Easycyte plus flow cytometry System and Beckman Avanti J-30I high-performance centrifuge system. The bioassay platform is also a key component of the comprehensive platform for innovative drug research and development in Peking University.
  • The platform could be widely applied in scientific research and teaching at several levels, ranging from cellular and molecular to the whole animal studies, and offers technological support and service for bioassay related work inside and outside the university.
  • Contact person: XU Bo
    Tel: 82805777
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