• Mass spectrometry platform
  • Equipped with the large-scale instrument and equipment, the mass spectrometry platform has become a technological research platform of cooperative research, academic communication and technical exchange for scholars of different disciplines, and a key component of the comprehensive platform for innovative drug research and development in Peking University. In the platform, five large-scale mass spectrometers have been put into operation, including Bruker APEX IV 70e FT-MS, AB SCIEX QSTAR LC/MS/MS System, AB SCIEX 4000Q TARP LC/MS/MS System, Shimadzu IT-TOF LC/MS/MS System, and Waters Xevo G2 Q-TOF LC/MS/MS System. The platform can provide technological support for research in drug, biomacromolecule, clinical medicine and pharmacy.
  • Technical director: LI Jun
    Tel: 82805103
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