• Recruit Graduating Students of Peking University in 2009
    to Participate in Scientific Research
  • The State Key Laboratory of Natural and Biomimetic Drugs plans to recruit graduating students of Peking University in 2009 who major in the following fields to participate in the research work of important scientific research projects.
  • Recruiting fields:

    1)         the research on carbohydrate chemistry and carbohydrate drug

    2)         the research on molecular pharmaceutics

    3)         the research on chemical biology

    4)         the research on antineoplastic agents and its pharmacology

  • Recruitment requirements:

    1)         PhD and master graduates of Peking University in 2009 who are included in the national unified entrance exam plan (oriented students and sponsored students are not included); non-Beijing graduates should meet the requirements of non-Beijing graduate recruitment;

    2)         Having strong interest in research and necessary abilities and qualities required by the project research;

    3)         The major should be directly related to the research project;

    4)         Outstanding academic records during the school period;

    5)         The candidate should be healthy.

  • Position and treatment: The position and treatment will follow the staff management regulations of Peking University Health Science Center for new graduates. The research group may give a certain amount of subsidy from the research fund based on the research work and fund.
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